There was a new band that was generating a significant amount of buzz amongst all the local college bars and clubs. The band went by the name Natural-Funk and they were packing these small venues and the crowds would always chant for an encore. The band always delivered and would sometimes play for three or four hours at a time.

They played a blend of mainstream rock mixed with jazz and reggae. It was an incredibly unique sound that everyone seemed to love. Playing in a college town inside small bars would only get them so far though. They desired to play bigger venues to make more of a profit and to start spreading their music across the country. All it took was for the right person to be in the crowd and they could potentially catch their big break.

That moment had the opportunity of becoming reality one Saturday night when the Natural-Funk was scheduled to play at the most popular college bar in town. It was one of the few college themed venues they had yet to play at. The band members thought this would be just like any other night of playing on a small stage in front of rowdy college students. However, this specific college bar would have a guest that night who purposely had the band scheduled at the bar so he could get a bird’s eye view of how entertaining this band really was.

leading music producers

Tom was one of the leading music producers in the business and he was always searching for the next big band yet to be discovered. He heard rumors from his college-aged nephew about a band that he had seen several times during the semester. Being a music producer always searching for talent, Tom worked his magic to schedule the Natural-Funk at the closest college bar to his residence. His nephew informed him of all the bars and clubs the band had performed in recent weeks. He tracked down the phone number the band used for bookings from one of the bar owners and he gave it to the owner of the bar he wished to see them perform. Once the bar called the band and successfully had them booked, Tom was prepared to see for himself how awesome this band’s performance would be.

The Natural-Funk were pumped to finally play at a different venue than the ones they played earlier in the year. They viewed every opportunity to play at a different setting as a chance to be discovered by the music record industry. Their biggest goal was to land a record deal and sell a CD to the masses across the world. They were beginning to think it was nothing but a fantasy after failing to secure a bigger venue after playing together for a little over a year.

When the band waltzed into the bar that Saturday night, Tom was intrigued by their nonchalant and carefree style. He wanted to know how rowdy they could make the bar and he would make his decision from there about the future of the band.