The Natural-Funk played the first three songs of their set and the crowd was already jumping and dancing to the music. The bar they were at was not the best for moving to the flow of live music, but that did not stop the crowd from moving their feet to the rhythm. Tom himself started tapping his feet and bobbing his head to the band’s signature blend of styles.

After briefly giving the crowd a formal introduction, they jumped into more songs up their sleeve. They gave everyone a solid mixture of fast and slow songs to please everyone’s taste in musical style. Tom was decided on the Natural-Funk at this moment in their set and he simply enjoyed the show from that point on. While the band was still playing, he approached the owner of the bar and told him to not let the band leave. When the show was finished, Tom was going to sit down with them inside the bar owner’s office to discuss a potential partnership with them. He thought the Natural-Funk had the makings of the next big band that would sweep the nation. Being only college-aged kids, they had a bright future ahead of them.

The lead singer

The band played for nearly three and a half hours, but Tom enjoyed every second of it. When the lead singer announced that they were playing their final song of the evening, Tom went to the bar owner’s office to prepare a presentation to the young musicians. The five members all came into the office drenched with sweat. They were greeted by Tom who congratulated them performing another thrilling show. All five members of the band were speechless until the lead singer asked who Tom was. He introduced himself as being one of the top music producers in the city. The guys were thrilled to hear who Tom was and were curious about what he had to say to them.

The band’s brilliant performance had earned them a shot of playing at the city’s biggest casino to open for well-known artists. He showed them a link on his phone describing the event. Instead of playing a venue of approximately 100 people, they would be playing in front of a crowd of possibly 5,000 people. It was huge opportunity for their careers and they jumped on it in a heartbeat. Playing in front of a casino crowd was the chance they needed for more people to hear their music for the first time. Even better, it would not be in front of the typical college age crowd. They could expand their listening audience to a wider age group.

The show was scheduled in two weeks and Tom told them that the band’s name would appear on the updated poster online. The band was eager to play the show for both the publicity and the higher compensation of playing such a venue. Tom told them they would be paid more than five times the amount that they were paid at the show they completed that night. The Natural-Funk members could not believe their ears.